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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:33
by Pasinee Sunakorn , 09/10/12
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Surviving next mega-floods by Rooftop Urban Farm, Thailand

7th floor roof top of Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University are now lush with edible plants
grown on vegetable beds , all
and arbor. Professors and students in Building Technology, Architecture
and Landscape have worked on the idea since
last semester after mega-floods 2011 in Bangkok.
Kasetsart University, Bangkhaen campus faced
1.5 meters water level, while university staffs, who
migrated from their home to live on the Faculty
buildings, struggled to survive with no food due to
cut off . They commuted by boat to get on the bus to buy everyday food from Lotus
Superstore. The new
rooftop urban farm of 196 sqm. will feed University community in normal situation
as well as flooded situation. Moreover,
it is an integration from 3 research and innovation: Green Roof mat,
Vertical green block and Biofacade, invented by Associate Professor Pasinee Sunakorn
who won National
Research Council Thailand invention award early this year.

Green Roof Mat is a light weight substrate made from coconut waste from coconut milk factory mixed
with coffee waste from instant coffee factory and some plants nutrients, glued together using 120
celcius hot plate. T he 30 x 30 cm mat is suitable
for growing from ground cover to low bushes and
vegetables. Plant beds were
constructed by re-used fiber cement board , held together by door hinges.
Chinese Spinach, Watercress, Basil , egg plants filled every plots.

Vertical green block is concrete block attached with plant containers . It was designed to drain water
down vertically and carry irrigation
piping through horizontally. Plants and herbs grew easily on light weight
substrate which can be soil or other mixtures
of nutrients. Basil, eggplants , peppermint are well established
on the west wall surface which faced the sun directly
all time of the year.

is building façade covered with vines or climbing plants. Its environmental benefit is to shade
buildings from solar radiation and cool the air down by plants’ evapo-transpiration.
Arbor was designed using
reused steel frame to hold eaving hemp rope for
plants to climb on: beans, ivy guards, zucchini now filled the

Besides producing food for the community ,this skyrise greenery will cool down the air above the roof
as well as classrooms below the roof. The Project was funded by Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Faculty of
Architecture and Kasetsart University.

________________________________________________________________________AKU ROOFTOP GARDEN

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